Prosciutto di Parma® is a world-famous ham cured in the gently rolling countryside near Parma, Italy.

Made from specially bred pigs born and raised according to strict guidelines, Parma Ham® has a full-bodied, complex, savory-sweet flavor. Prosciutto di Parma is free of additives and naturally air cured with just the right amount of sea salt applied by highly experienced “salt masters.”




    1. Specially fed pigs must be raised on approved farms in a defined, north-central region of Italy.
    2. Salt masters apply just the right amount of salt to preserve a ham often described by Italians as “sweet.”
    3. Parma hams are cured at least 400 days.
    4. Each ham is fire branded with the four-pointed Parma Crown, certifying it as authentic Prosciutto di Parma, only after passing quality tests by an independent inspector.
    5. The coveted PDO certification adds an extra guarantee of authenticity.

Served thinly sliced on a plate, in the Italian fashion, Prosciutto di Parma is delicious. It is also a great addition to pizzas, panini, pastas, salads and other dishes.

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