Montasio® is a delightfully versatile cheese whose origins trace back to a 17th century mountain monastery is produced only in Friuli Venezia Giulia and eastern Veneto.

Depending on how long Montasio has been aged, its qualities change in subtle ways. Younger cheeses are ivory in color with a mild, delicate flavor. With further aging, Montasio turns a mellow golden color, becomes firmer and develops a bolder, more full-bodied qualities.




    1. This firm raw-milk cheese is made only in Italy’s Friuli Venezia Giulia and eastern Veneto.
    2. Montasio is aged to four stages of maturity, ranging from mild-tasting to deeply savory.
    3. The most widely available stages are fresh or Fresco (aged 2 to 4 months) and medium or Mezzano (aged 5 to 10 months).
    4. Montasio is the only Friuli cheese to have earned PDO certification.

Enjoy this versatile cheese when young, sliced for a cheese platter or panino — or when aged, grated for pastas, sauces and other dishes.

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