Grana Padano® is a naturally made cheese with a mild flavor so pleasing that it has become the world’s best-selling European cheese in the elite PDO category.

Produced in northern Italy’s Po Valley, this raw milk cheese is rich in nutrients, very digestible and lower in fat than many other cheeses.




    1. This naturally made cheese, with its pleasing flavor, is produced in the approved geographical area of the Po Valley in northern Italy.
    2. Cheese making begins with partially skimmed raw milk from morning and evening milkings, making Grana Padano lower in fat than many other cheeses.
    3. Nearly 1,000 years ago, in the Abbey of Chiaravalle, the Cistercian monks from the fertile Po Valley created the recipe of this original masterpiece.
    4. Wheels are aged from 9 to more than 24 months; only those that pass strict inspection by Consortium experts receive the Grana Padano certification mark.
    5. Only wheels aged more than 20 months that pass an additional quality test are fire branded “RISERVA.”
    6. Younger Grana Padano cheese has a mild flavor, while a longer-aged one is appreciated for its richer, fuller flavor and granular texture.

It can be served simply as an appetizer or grated for pastas and other dishes.

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