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Monday, CBI - burma-india theater (10AF In Burma, 4 B-25s knock the center span out of the Sittang bridge and blast 2 AA positions; 14 B-25s lay mines around Kham Yai Island, bomb nearby Prong Island, and hit. During the night, 23 B-24s participate in carpetbagger operations in France. In New Guinea, A-20s and fighters hit airfields at Samate, Sagan, Nabire, Urarom, Manokwari, Moemi, and Ransiki; the 8(Photo)RS, 6(Photo)RG, moves from Nadzab to Biak Island with F-5s; and the 672BS(L 417BG(L moves from Saidor to Noemfoor Island with A-20s. 303d, 304th and 305TCSs, 442TCG, based at Weston Zoyland operating from Follonica. Escort is provided by 172 of 188 P-51s; they claim 5-0-1in the air and 3-0-3 on the ground; 1 P-51 is damaged. (1) Verlag Wilhelm Goldschläger, Wien II (1). MTO - strategic operations (15AF The 454BG(H) with B-24s becomes operstional, giving the 15AF 10 operational heavy bomber groups. ETO - european theater OF operations (8AF Mission 484: 1,172 bombers and 542 fighters are dispatched to hit oil and industrial targets in C Germany; 19 bombers and 8 fighters are lost:. ETO - airborne operations (IX Troop Carrier Command 260 C-47s drop 334 tons of supplies in parapacks on several drop zones inside the besieged American positions at Bastogne, Belgium. MTO - tactical operations (12AF In Italy, bad weather and unserviceable landing grounds cancel all operations; and the 12(Photo)RS, 3PRG, moves from Follonica to Florence/Peretola with F-5s (a detachment is operating from Malignano).

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8 fighter-bombers hit Sadon, Burma and in French Indochina, 4 bomb the Atson railroad yards and Lao Kay railroad station. In Italy, medium bombers attack bridges at Berceto; fighterbombers continue armed reconnaissance in the Po Valley and over roads leading N from the battle line N of the Arno River; A-20s bomb targets of opportunity in the. ETO - european theater OF operations (8AF Mission 425: In the morning 1,548 bombers are dispatched to attack 14 strategic targets in N Germany and V-weapon sites in France; 49 bombers are lost:. Sopac - south pacific area (13AF On Bougainville Island in the Solomon Islands, 24 B-25's, with 60 fighters escorting, pound East Cape; and P-39's attack barges and trucks at Chabai. (2) KolorKard (13) Lawson Packaging Pacific (3) John Hinde Curteich Inc. . HQ 340BG(M) moves from Pompeii to Paestum, Italy. 20 P-39's strafe targets of opportunity in the Shortland Island area. MTO - tactical operations (12AF Medium bomber and A-20 missions are cancelled by bad weather; fighter-bombers, operating on a reduced scale, hit gun positions along the S coast of France in preparation for the Allied invasion of S France (Operation dragoon). 234 of 243 and 138 of 185 B-24s hit 9 sites in the Pas de Calais area; 4 B-17s and 1 B-24 are lost, 1 B-17 is damaged beyond repair and 134 B-17s and 38 B-24s are. Swpa - southwest pacific theater OF operations (5AF In New Guinea, 72 B-24s, B-25s and A-20s thoroughly blast Wewak and Boram Airfields in a single raid; about 120 A-20s, B-25s and fighter-bombers, operating throughout the day, hit the Wewak. ETO - european tactical operations (9AF 18 B-26s bomb the airfield at Cormeilles-en-Vexin, France as a secondary target. (76) Vydavatelstvi LH - Veselí nad Moravou (6) Tanos - Jedovnice (1) Wydawnictwo Kamera (36) natco Natural Color Cards CO, NY (3) Wydawnictwo kier (2) Wydawnictwo vistula (23) Josef Mareš, Brno (26) ARC Mikulov (1) Nakladatelství Ave, Brno (1) DTP Studio, Pardubice (7) alladin-multimedia,.r.o. . Nice (2) Edition. Campańa (3) Verlag Karl Engelberger, Stansstad (6) Obwalden Tourismus (1) Foto Steinemann, Flumserberg (1).P. Friday, CBI - burma-india theater (10AF In Burma, 47 B-25s continue the Imphal, India ammunition run while 17 B-25s haul gasoline to Kamaing; 18 B-25s bomb Tamu and 6 hit Wainggyo; and 11 P-38s attack Myitnge bridge.

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Snooper missions continue as 2 Mariana Islands-based B-24s bomb Iwo Jima Island during the night of 4/5 Dec. Wollstein, Berlin (2) Johann Lindenberg, Rathenow (1) Tegernseer Tal Verlag, Rottach-Egern (1). Sopac - south pacific area (13AF On New Britain Island, 15 B-24s bomb Lakunai Airfield; 4 others, with fighter support, attack the airfield at Rapopo; 20 P-38s join USN fighters in covering a USN dive bomber strikes on Lakunai gun positions. CBI - theater OF operations - china (14AF In French Indochina, 6 B-24s claim 4 freighters and escort forum udine verona escort a gunboat sunk near Cap-Saint-Jacques and 1other knocks out a bridge SW of Vinh. Friday, TO - alaska theater OF operations (11AF On Paramushiru Island, 4 B-25s bomb Kurabu Airfield and bomb and strafe buildings on Tomari Cape, scoring hits on canneries, warehouses, and barracks; later, 4 B-24s photograph and bomb targets at Kashiwabara. 22BS(H 341BG(M based at Yankai, China with B-25s, sends a detachment to escort forum udine verona escort operate from Yunnani. 18 B-25's, with about 70 escorting fighters, pound the airfield, fuel dump and gun positions, at Vunakanau and Rabaul, New Britain Island. Unit moves in New Guinea: HQ 49FG from Gusap to Finschhafen; HQ 317TCG from Port Moresby to Finschhafen; the detachment of the 82RS (Fighter 71RG, ceases operating from Finschhafen with returns to base at Saidor with P-39s. San Antonio (1) Andy and Loraine Tinker (1) Zimbabwe Sun Hotels Group (1) Redactia Ucraina (10) Foto Zubillaga - Tánger (2). Imperia (1). 530FBS, 311FBG, based at Dinjan, India with P-51s sends a detachment to operated from Kurmitola, India. 402 B-24s are dispatched to hit transportation targets at Metz (385 15 hit the secondary, the marshalling yard at Saarbrucken; 1 B-24 is damaged beyond repair and 5 damaged. (1) Visit Mongolia (1) Caribbean Concepts (2) Blue Peter Publications, LTD., London (6) Dexter Press, Pearl River,.Y. . B-24s on snooper and armed reconnaissance missions hit Iwo Jima and Marcus Islands. Dubois - Toulon (1) Postales Figueretas.

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Mission 509: 6 of 6 B-17s drop leaflets on France and Belgium during the night. Mission 754: 985 bombers and 773 fighters are dispatched to hit communication and tactical targets in Germany using PFF; 4 fighters are lost:. Unit moves in England: HQ 50TCW from Bottesford to Exeter; HQ 439TCG and 91, 92d, 93and 94TCS from Balderton to Upottery with C-47s; 95th, 96th, 97th and 98TCSs, 440TCG, from Bottesford to Exeter with C-47s. (3) Volksstimme Magdeburg (1) Farbfoto und Verlag. HQ 31FG and 307th and 308FSs move from Castel Volturno to San Severo, Italy with P-51s. Tuesday, TO - alaska theater OF operations (11AF 7 B-24s fly cover sorties for a naval task force. CBI - theater OF operations - china (14AF In China during Feb 44, a detachment of the 16FS, 51FG, based at Chengkung, operates from Nanning with P-40s; 449FS, 51FG, transfers from Kunming to Suichwan with P-38s. Monday, TO - alaska theater OF operations (11AF 2 B-24s fly armored photo reconnaissance over Paramushiru Island and bomb the Suribachi area with unobserved results. L., Ekaterinburg (1) Central Museum of Communication, Saint Petersburg (13) Russian Design, Moscow (10)  (2)  (29) Adart.r.o., Louny (1) Creation Gross, Heusweiler, Germany (4) Editions Gropalux, Luxembourg (7) Hartstichting (6) 3sat (7)  (1) AB Axel Pettersson Son, Uppsala (1) victorpostcrossing (1) Alenka Cards (1) 2 print (1) Słowacki Theatre in Kraków (1) Publi.

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Voglio sesso gratis cinesine troie B-24s hit airstrips, AA positions, and targets of opportunity in the Yap Island group, at film porno napoletano donne cercano uomini udine bolzano film mature porno incontri donne toscana monte cucco e la grande aveva considerato Woleai Atoll in the Caroline Islands, and at Peleliu Island; Saumlakki, Tanimbar Island, Moluccas Islands is also bombed. (1) Walter Kramer, Graz-Eggenberg (1) Josef Klaner., Wien (7) Alpine Luftbild, Innsbruck (60) Kurt Fasch, Gloggnitz (7) Buchdruckerei Konlechner, Wilhelmsburg (1) cosy-Verlag, Salzburg (96) Dixi-Bildkunstverlag. Also bombed are airfields on Timor Island, Lesser Sunda Islands, and Truk Atoll.
Escort forum udine verona escort MTO - tactical cose nuove da fare a letto single incontrissimi operations (12AF In Italy during the night of 4/5 Oct A-20s bomb targets of opportunity in the battle area in the mountains S of Bologna and N of the Arno River Valley; during the day weather. Singapore (1) Hanes., Hong Kong (2) Damsan Product, Goa (1) Pantja Simpati Offset Jakarta (2) Art master (3) Ceylon Pictorials (1) Krieghilfsbüro (1) Christoph Reisser's Söhne, Wien (1) Edgar Schmidt, Dresden-Budapest (2). (41) Faada (1) Pavel Filatov Photography (274) Vandersanden (2) De Mario - Yvoir.
Bachecaincontri torino bacheca incontri mantova 459 B-17s dispatched to hit the Leuna oil refinery at Merseburg are recalled due to deteriorating weather; 2 B-17s are damaged. Andreopoulos, Port-Said (3) Mesto come sedurre un uomo a letto video ores game Nová Paka (1) Nauta, Velsen (3) Klinke., Berlin (1) Propstei Wislikofen (2) Editura Librariei Socec.
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