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All four Legends from Europe belong to an elite group of food products that have been inducted to the European “hall of fame” for quality and authenticity. Each of these hams and cheeses carries a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) seal, which signifies it has been produced according to traditional methods and within a defined geographic region. The PDO seal also serves to distinguish these fine foods from lower-quality imitations.

The European Community’s Protected Designation of Origin designation (PDO or DOP for short) guarantees the authenticity of certain high-quality foods made in traditional ways and in strictly defined geographic regions. This program offers legally binding name protection to makers and helps consumers distinguish between these foods and their imitators. All of the Legends from Europe products have earned the right to display the PDO seal on their product labels.

The Farmers and artisans who produce these Legends from Europe (and all PDO products) skillfully apply traditional techniques perfected through the centuries to yield products of impeccable quality.

Authentically European. Universally appreciated. 

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